• Image of Mixed Bag of Hankie Seconds
  • Image of Mixed Bag of Hankie Seconds

Mixed Bag of 10 Hankies

Hankies are selected from the Boutique Heidi Signature range (seen below), they may include the following:

- Men's Mixed Bag: Skulls, Cameras & Men's Things Hankies
- Women's Mixed Bag: Women's things, Black & White Dots & Beautiful Pink Floral Hankies
- Men's & Women's Mixed Bag: 5 of Men's & 5 Women's' Hankies listed above

The hankies are not quite right, there have imperfections such as poor printing, not sewn correctly or threads.

These are not ironed or packaged, they came in a clear bag of 10 with a voucher for 20% Off your next purchase.

Please note each bag will vary and may not include all the designs listed.